Ordering Guide and FAQ

Nice to meet you every visitor! This is founder Yu of Mirotime😊 .

To help you to know how to select and place order for your favorites watches, here is the new client ordering guide.

Ordering Process

How to order at our website?

How to order at Mirotime Store? ❤️

1. Register an account at our site. ⚙️

2.Add the item to cart. 🛒 (Price listed in US Dollar)

3.Proceed to checkout. 📩

4.Provide your order number and we will help for payment via whatsapp 📲

E-mail: [email protected] (Lowest priority for reply)


There’re too many models, we haven’t uploaded all of them. If you can’t find your prefered watch, please send massages to my WhatsApp or email.



Payment method

We can accept Paypal, Transferwise, WesternUnion, Bank Transfer and major Crypto as payment method.

We take full payment before sending you QC.

Transferwise, bank transfer and Bitcoin are the best for me.

If it dosen’t work, we can try PayPal Family and Friends. (To proceed payment by paypal, we need you to provide the following information for us to evaluate if we can accept PayPal payment from you.)


Paypal is quite risky option for us so we can’t do paypal for anyone. Our finance will evaluate if we can do paypal for you as first time purchase once you send necessary info to us.

Once you choose paypal as payment method, please contact us via whatsapp or email and provide these details below, our finance department will evaluate if we can accept your paypal transfer.

Order number:
Profile link (URL )on Reptime/RWI/RepGeek:
Paypal email address:
Total Amount:
How do you know our store? :

Have you made transfer to our paypal:



Very Important!!! : Kindly be informed since there is floating feature of Crypto, our finance department will switch your crypto transfer to USDT right away once we receive your transfer because we don’t keep Crypto as investment. Once you make transfer to us, it is considered as you agree with our policy and accept the current crypto price based on (Your sent Crypto)/USDT and leave the right to us to sell your crypto right away and if we need to refund your order in any case in the future, we will only refund that total amout of crypto based on USD total of your order from our site. Wish you can understand!



QC Process

We will send you QC pics, video and lume video via email [email protected] in 3-6 days after you placed order and make full payment.


Shipping Methods

The most popular one we use is Yanwen, which is stable and fast, and is available in most parts of the world.

After you confirm the QC and I have received payment, I will send it to you as soon as possible, usually send tracking info within 2-6 days. If the timeout is not sent, please remind me.

Please fill in the full address, name, telephone number and zip code of the country.

Warning!!! : Please double confirm your shipping address and make sure it’s correct(Street, City, State, Postal Code and Country), if package can’t deliver because of wrong one of these we don’t provdie any warranty for your order and you will lose money. Wish you can understand.

Track the shipping

Most tracking info takes 4-5 days to update. If you still can’t get tracking info update after 5 days, please contact me,I’ll check it with the express company

You can be at 17track.net , enter the tracking number and select the corresponding carrier. Most of the numbers are under the barcode. Here are some examples.

YanWen Carrier: https://track.yw56.com.cn/

4PX Carrier : http://track.4px.com/#/

FAQ (Must-Read before contact us for help)

Q: How do I know if the item is in stock or not?

A: We update stock status on site at real-time, usually if shows ‘add to cart’ then it’s in stock.


Q: How long for QC?

A: in 3-7 days.


Q: How long for delivery?

A: For most countries, it’s around 2 weeks for delivery.


Q: What if watch gets lost of seized at custom?

A: We will ship one more time for free.


Q: Does watch come with Box and papers ?
A: Usually only watch will be shipped, but we sell box too if you need. For safety we will split the package for easy custom clearance.




There are a few terms to understand in order to begin here. I don’t endorse them, sometimes I use them, but they are used frequently:

Rep: Replica

Gen: Genuine (referring to a genuine watch)

QC: quality check – in reference to photos of watches

W2C/WTC: Where to cop… aka where did you get that? Or Link?

TD: Trusted Dealer (I’ll get more into that later)

ZF, Noob, V6F, BP, MK, ARF, JF, etc: some of the top factories (I’ll also get more into that later)

GL and RL – Green and Red light, referring to QC pictures being OK to accept or not.